Top 5 rules of healthy eating for children

1. Teach yourself and your child to eat breakfast

Breakfast is a gold rule of healthy eating! If children eat breakfast he or she will tend to eat healthier during the day, have fewer snacks (which is good for eating habits and normal blood sugar levels), are less likely to be overweight, are more active and perform better. It is important to have a healthy breakfast: not simple carbohydrates, but whole foods. Example:

• Omelet with vegetables and a piece of bread.

• Oatmeal or other cereals with berries and butter.

• Healthy sandwiches: whole grain bread, greens, vegetables, baked meat / fish.

2. In each meal include proteins, fats, carbohydrates.

To make this advice easier, print and hang a sign on the refrigerator and choose a product from each column for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supplemented with vegetables and greens.

3. Healthy healthy snack

Give your child a snack of fruits, berries, nuts, dairy products, not rolls or cookies with tea. Sweets can be added to a snack or breakfast, but not as a basis for a meal. A good snack option would be hummus (chickpea pea puree) with vegetables that the child loves, whole grain breads.

4. Give the child water

A healthy diet for children also includes adequate water intake. Teach your child to drink enough fluids: water and soft drinks. This is an extremely important habit for metabolism, good digestion, pooping, concentration, etc., a habit. And vice versa: less juices, fresh juices, compotes, sweet teas. Cook the cocoa yourself, not brew nesquik. Buy a beautiful bottle of water for school or kindergarten. Healthy schoolboy menu for the day Here is a menu option for healthy eating for children, which will help your child get the most nutrients during the day.

Breakfast: omelet (muffins) with broccoli and tomatoes, wholemeal bread, fruit, cocoa.

Snack: a mix of nuts, baked apples with sour milk cheese and raisins.

Lunch: buckwheat porridge with butter, baked veal cutlets (poultry or liver pancakes), vegetable salad with oil (sour cream or yogurt) and sesame seeds, compote.

Poludenok: natural yogurt (sour milk) with berries and banana.

Dinner: baked fish with potatoes and vegetables that the child loves.

It is not always easy to encourage an adult child to eat healthily. But be patient and offer an alternative, new dishes, tell, support, engage in shopping and cooking together. Decorate dishes, offer different combinations.